A new flag for a new l.A.


We are Los Angeles, one of the greatest, most influential cities in the world. We are fame and we are fortune -- big dreams and hard work. We are ever evolving, ever changing, and ever growing. To the rest of the world we are the goal, the movie in their minds, the essence of the American dream.

We are a great city, and every great city deserves a great flag. But our current flag is not great. It is neither recognizable, nor relevant, nor representative of us as a city or as Angelenos. Throughout the years our flag has all but faded into obscurity. People don’t know it, and because they don’t know it, they don’t fly it.

But we can change that.


The current flag of Los Angeles. Have you seen it?


If we had a great new flag under which to rally, we’d begin to see it atop our flagpoles. We’d fly it from our houses and stick it to our cars. We’d buy it and sell it and use it and wear it. An iconic new flag – one that is attractive, simple, and timeless, one that is immediately recognizable and unmistakably representative of the city – would serve as an emblem of unity and pride for millions of Angelenos. It would provide Los Angeles with a newfound identity. If we had a great new flag, the world would take note.

A great city flag is something that represents its city to its people, and its people to the world at large.
— Roman Mars

why now?

Never has there been a better time to redesign our city's flag.

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