It might seem frivolous but it’s not.
— Roman Mars

As we find ourselves careening through an increasingly globalized 21st century, design awareness and appreciation seem to be at an all time high. Places around the world with antiquated, irrelevant, or poorly-designed flags are making an effort to reclaim a sense of individuality, a sense of civic pride, by redesigning their city flag:

Good citizens in cities across America, from San Francisco, CA, to Bowling Green, KY, are beginning to campaign for their own redesigns; graphic designer Steve Kodis is gallantly leading the charge to update the flag of Milwaukee, WI; Fargo, ND, a city without a flag, has realized the importance of the city flag and is looking to adopt a flag of its own; entire countries, such as New Zealand and Fiji, are even in the midst of completely redesigning their flags.

People are beginning to realize the importance of the flag. We should take note and we should take action. Los Angeles is one of the greatest cities in the world. We’re currently a frontrunner to host the Olympics in 2024 – an honor that would make us one of the only cities in the world to host the games for a third time – and yet we lack a simple flag of which we can be proud.

If we want to continue to lead the world throughout the 21st century – if we want to remain a powerful, influential, and global city, then we need to start by showing the world who we are. We need to start with the flag.

I think if you do something that has an invitation and a scale and a nice feel to it, that’ll engender some kind of respect.
— Frank Gehry

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